Irish dancers performing at a wedding reception is a very popular and exciting idea.

Our dancers will add a highlight to your evening for you and your guests and will certainly put everyone in the mood to get on the dance floor.

As part of our wedding package that consists of 3 or more dancers we can also offer guest participation at the end of our set giving you the option to show off and dance a few steps. Whatever requirements you may have Damhsa can customise a package that suits you.

Our wedding performance includes the following;

  • Full troupe high impact & fast paced dance numbers
  • Accapella (dancing without music) which explores the rhythm that is the foundation of Irish dance. The music and rhythm is created purely by the sound of the taps and always captures the audience. The guy's duel against each other to see who has the fastest feet. This number has become our showstopper!
  • The elegant slip jig that is performed by the female dancers only. You will be mesmerised by the sheer grace this dance portrays.
  • So now it is time to let you experience up close and personal the amazing art form of Irish dance.